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SAH bar & restaurant

Aim of the project was the holistic renovation of a restaurant-bar in a central spot of Athens, with small-scale but significant interventions both inside and outside, in order to achieve spatial revival and give a more particular and alternative image to the restaurant.

Decorative  techniques  of exposed concrete on the walls, diverse metal and wooden constructions, handmade lighting sconces with colored cables and Edison bulbs and traditional lighting fixtures immediately from abroad are some of the key elements that define the new style of SAH.

Set in front of a translucent, illuminated 'screen' of the kitchen, an elevated space is created to offer a more cozy and homey atmosphere. However, this area is transformed into a small stage for musical performances when needed, given that all the necessary audiovisual installations have been provided.

The outdoor space is designed and constructed like an extension of the indoor restaurant, considering that the glass front view disappears when it opens.

Total renovation 440sm
Athens (Greece) 

September - November 2017

Concept-Study- Design- Supervision
V. Panagiotou with CNI Architects


photographer: K.Avgerinou

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