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Coupa café Komotini

A specialty coffee shop in Komotini, Greece, offering a high-quality coffee product and handmade round sesame breads. The interior space is gently curated while oozes a warm and intimate atmosphere with retro references elevated by a calm, minimally composed palette.   

From one side, the entire transparent façade can be visually and practically street- faced. From the other side, eschewing for a while the "grab-and-go" coffee culture, the interior space can be function even for those who can enjoy a nice cup of coffee on weekdays enabling them to work in this quiet atmosphere.

*Coupa Café is among the winners of BIG SEE interior design awards 2021.

Total renovation 75sm
Komotini (Greece) 

April 2020 - May 2020

Concept-Study- Design
V. Panagiotou 


photographer: Giannis Tsaklidis

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