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Pick kitchen & bathroom

The total renovation of the kitchen and the bathroom of a family-house in Alimos was the first but crucial step to give breath to the heartstone of a 50's town house.

The kitchen is designed to take full advantage of the space, combining the necessary equipment with a variety of large storage spots and laundry amenities. This is smoothly completed via the minimal furniture design, bright and clean wooden surfaces and playful blueprints of wall tiles.

In the same direction, the bathroom gives a more atmospheric sense to the user. The rearrangement of its infrastructure and the smart management of the awkward spots are considered to be dominant for the small-sized space. The grey-colored background makes an interesting contrast with the bright wooden furniture and secret lighting.

Total kitchen & bathroom renovation 16sm
Alimos, Athens (Greece) 

February 2019 - March 2019

Concept-Study- Design- Supervision
V. Panagiotou 


photographer: pending

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