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Athens View Lofts

Aim of the project was the creation of a network of contemporary lofts with lounge terraces and view towards Acropolis and city skyline in central districts of Athens.

Therefore, six petit apartments of 70s situated on the top floor of block of flats have been totally renovated and redesigned in order to cover completely all the necessary accommodation needs. The renovation process was realized in all lofts simultaneously during a 3-month period and had been based on a common way of design, construction and supervision.

Strengthening the structural shell and fixing every defective point was of paramount importance. Meanwhile, significant interventions both inside and outside were taken place in order to achieve spatial revival and give a more particular and unique image to each loft. Minimal design, bright colors and lounge spatial sense characterize Athens View Lofts.


Total Renovation 20-25sm

Athens (Greece)

April 2016- June 2016

Concept-Study- Design- Supervision
V. Panagiotou with CNI Architects


photographer: C.Mitropoulos

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