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About the architect


Fantasy is the medium of pleasure once said.

For me architecture is not just about creating beautiful things. Architecture is about being innovative enough to create fantasies in order to remould an imperfect world. The way I see it, architecture is the bridge between art and modern life.

Working as an Architect Engineer for 10 years with specialization in Environmental Design in the University of Bath (UK), I am undertaking a variety of architectural and structural projects in residential and commercial buildings. Some of these have been nationally published. Simultaneously, I collaborate with international architectural offices and constructional companies, while I have intertemporal cooperation with reliable partners and suppliers.

Being always interested about innovative concepts and new experiences, I have participated to a series of international architectural competitions. Some of these have been awarded, published, and exhibited as well.


Every each one of my projects is unique for me. I create with heart and build with mind.  

So, architect is what I call myself.  I just pass on the challenge.

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