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Family residence Hrakleion Athens

The flat is located at Hrakleion Athens. The completion of the construction and the identity attribution to the whole apartment was the main purpose of this project.

The open floor plan designs create spacious and informal interior that connect common areas, where the living and dining room expand into a larger area in view of the kitchen. 

The general aesthetic represents rural farmhouse-like design and the feeling of simpler living. The color palette of the kitchen incorporate pastel and bright colors with the addition of checkered fabric curtains and design elements like vintage signage. The dominant materials include wood and rock along with other organic materials. The inclusion of a hearth, tall wood-burning fireplace, natural wood beams, brick, bright wood furniture material and smooth bright fabric colors emphasize more the expression of this aesthetic.

Master bedroom obtains a homy and cosy atmosphere in a Moroccan-like style, when the wooden floor is combined with bright fabrics and curtains, and light wallpaper patterns. A custom-designed walk-in closet is constructed to provide space-saving options, while the automatic lighting and large mirror increase functionality and dramatically enhances the aesthetic of a simple design. On the other hand, the master bathroom is designed to be more ambient through grey tiles, grey-stone handbasins, atmospheric lighting fixtures and transparency and reflections via glass and mirror.

Completion of semi-finished construction & 

Total renovation  85sm

Hrakleion, Athens (Greece)

September 2017- November 2017

Concept-Study- Design- Supervision
V. Panagiotou


photographer: M.Kallimikrakis

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