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Palimpsest The idea of re-using

Palimpsest [Latin palimpsestus, from Greek word: something having diverse layers or aspects, from πάλιν: again + ψάω : scraped clean and used again]. Something which initial writing has been scraped and is replaced by a second one, leaving visible its own traces though.
The reuse of materials does not only redefine the limited natural sources, but also does provide a cultural narrative. This installation looks deeply through ways that we realize something as garbage. It indicates that the re-use of materials is
proved to lead to a more conscious architecture through an ecological, economic, aesthetic and cultural perception of objects that we throw away, by giving them value effortlessly.


Temporary installation Benaki Museum 7sm, Athens (Greece)

July 2011


V. Panagiotou, AAO team & Public Architecture

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